Associate with Overseas Company

However Vision Control & Superintendence Ltd has signed an agreement of full representation of Marine & Cargo Surveys Network (MCSN) in Tanzania. In the agreement the companies agree to share knowledge, expertise and training in cargo handling operations in Tanzania. The partnership agreement has been registered by the registrar of title under the laws of United Republic of Tanzania.

In consideration of customers request of expansion of MCSN to the East African Coast it had been in the situation to establish technical relationship with local company to be the local support of MCSN implementation. After several trips around the east African Coast and in consideration of the following:

The aim of this collaboration is to achieve excellent performance through provision of high quality and competitive services. The two companies decided to build an agreement which had been redacted and duly registered by Tanzanian concerned administrations

Marine and Cargo Survey Network has hired a full office at P.P.F House where his chief Executive Officer Mr. Alain Quedrue sit to ensure that all operation in Tanzania are operated with maximum level of technical expertise in accordance with international standards.

Marine and Cargo Survey Network has been incorporated and registered and the first company was created in Angola in 1995 and subsequently registered presence in eleven African and several countries.