Lashing Operations

• The proper stowage, securing and handling of out of gauge (OOG) cargoes can present many challenges and issues. Vision Control has vast experience in Lashing in difference shipping these cargoes and offers the following guidelines to its customers:

• Lashing: VCSL provides Lashing services in accordance with “IMO MSC/CIRC 745 GUIDLINES FOR CARGO SECURING MANUAL AND GOOD SEAMANSHIP PRACTICE”.

VCSL used Lashing materials which includes wires, chains, rods, tensioners and turnbuckles. The materials must be approved by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS) to ensure are of suitable size and capacity, taking into consideration the weight of cargo to be secured.
• Lashing Certificate: After lashing exercise, VCSL issue Lashing certificate which confirm safe loading, lashing, and protection of the cargo against the normal risks of ocean transportation.

• Lashing Photographs:
VCSL staff at the site take pictures at each stages of lashing evidently showing that lashing has been carried out accurately and professionally to safeguard client’s against any incident’s related to negligence.